My cluttered home meant I hadn’t been in garden for 4 years & kids couldn’t eat at table – it took 4 skips to clear

A MUM told how she decluttered her messy home for the first time in years, taking 32 huge bags of 'junk' to the tip and needing FOUR skips to clear in.

Chelle Jenkins, from Barry, south Wales, told how – while furloughed during lockdown – she was inspired to totally revamp her home.

And the difference is amazing with piles of rubbish being removed to reveal a smart dining table.

Meanwhile, a hugely overgrown garden has been weeded back to show a lovely eating outside area.

Chelle, who started her decluttering marathon at the beginning of lockdown, has recounted her efforts on her personal Facebook page.

She revealed to Fabulous how her children hadn't been able to eat at the dining room table for months and had not been in the weedy garden for a shocking four years, as a result of its overgrown status.

"But the garden looks brilliant now – especially at night," she said.

Other people hailed Chelle "inspirational".

Chelle, who this week climbed Mount Snowden, told Fabulous: "I've replaced buying junk with decluttering… I've never felt so free.

"I’ve been home and needed to declutter.

"I felt I never had the time before.

"I’ve actually hired four skips and got rid of 32 bags of clothes and junk.

"I’ve not been in my back garden in four years. It was so overgrown.

"My kids had not eaten at the table for months.

"I didn’t want to spend Christmas there.

"I couldn’t clean properly or decorate as my house was so cluttered.

"It’s lovely to spend some time fixing it up now."

But, despite all her hard work, she isn't actually finished.

"My attic is still half full," she revealed. "It’s the last big job to do.

"It's so good to feel free to enjoy why I love to do instead of feeling trapped with clutter."

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