My daughter, 10, is a millionaire – but she's not selfish, she's donated toys worth £40k to less fortunate kids

ROXY Jacenko says her millionaire daughter, Pixie, donates expensive toys to less fortunate kids.

Sydney based PR mogul Roxy Jacenko, 41, also recently revealed that her daughter Pixie Curtis would be able to retire at 15.

However, the ten-year-old millionaire is still humble, as this week she chose to share her earnings with a good cause.

Pixie donated Christmas presents worth $80,000 to Ronald McDonald House at Randwick in Sydney, Australia.

Talking to the Daily Telegraph, the rich kid said: "You don't realise how lucky you are to have good health until you visit kids who aren't as fortunate."


"I am really glad Mum encouraged this visit and donation," she added. 

This week, Pixie's mum Roxy, who works in PR for Sweaty Betty and The Ministry of Talent shared a video of her and Pixie delivering the presents.

Together the mother-daughter duo delivered big red sacks with white writing that read 'Pixie's Pix' and contained everything a child could want such as dolls,toy cars, and even water pistols.

This isn't Pixie's first foray into charity as in September, Pixie became an ambassador for children's cancer charity Camp Quality.  

Alongside Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie, Pixie wore a tie-dye bucket hat to support Camp Quality's Bucket Hat Day, and the new campaign is in the Aldi catalogue. 

Aldi sold bucket hats from which all proceeds go to the charity, which helps kids dealing with cancer.

Entrepreneur Roxy has previously shared how she helped Pixie set up two successful businesses – Pixie's Bows, which does hair accessories and Pixie's Fidgets, which sells kids toys.

Thanks to these, Pixie could retire before she's 15, as some estimate she'll earn $21million before she even finishes school.

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Roxy raises son Hunter, 7 and Pixie, 10 with her Sydney banker husband of 9 years, Oliver Curtis, 36.  

The family each have thousands of followers on Instagram, and today shared a video of how Pixie had prepared a surprise for her dad's birthday only for him to turn up too early and her to be upset as she had made a lot of decorations for him.

Roxy said to her daughter in a joint interview in last week's Stellar Magazine: "You won't need to worry; you can retire at 15 the way you're going."

"You know, what is the most exciting for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age," she told Stellar, adding that she reckons Pixie is a 'natural businesswoman.' 

"I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed. When I was 14, I got a job at McDonald's because that's what you did back in my day. 

"So, I guess to me the biggest thing is her drive as an entrepreneur. Yes, I've enabled it, but she's still got it, which is for me the most rewarding part."

In May, Pixie's fidget toys sold $200,000 worth on the month they were released across Australia. 

Pixie is already a social media sensation with over 89,000 Instagram followers.

By the age of six, she was charging $600 per sponsored post on Instagram.

Pixie has said her Mum keeps telling her to save the money to buy an apartment.

Roxy has become known for spoiling her children with luxury presents, such as designer clothing and expensive cars. 

In August, Roxy bought a new Mercedes-Benz GLS for Pixie and her younger brother, Hunter, 7.   

She bought Pixie a Mercedes Benz 4WD at the end of last year and had to defend her purchase as obviously neither of her kids can drive yet.

In November, the PR expert shared her daughter's Christmas list which included a new phone, expensive skincare from Drunk Elephant, an iPad case, trendy clothes from Brandy Melville and a surfboard.

For her birthday Pixie asked for 32 things as Roxy shared a snap of the list which included included a ring light, new room, skincare fridge, teeth whitening, a couch for her own room, and a second piercing.

"I asked for some ideas for 10th Birthday gifts -@pixiecurtis couldn’t think of anything," Roxy, her mum, said.

As Pixie is set to retire at 15 – now her brother, seven, has launched his own business too, they own cars worth £141k

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