I'm a flight attendant and here's what your drinks order says about you as a person

PUTTING in an order at the drinks trolley during a flight may not seem like a big deal.

But according to a flight attendant, cabin crew know all they need to know about you from that one drinks order – so you might want to pick more carefully next time.

Kat Kamalani has shared a Tiktok video explaining what various drinks say about the person ordering them.

She said: "What you order on an aeroplane says a lot about you, and I'm about to tell you.

"If you order DC [Diet Coke], you're probably a mum, you're probably on your way to Disneyland and you're probably an addict, so you can't go a day without your diet coke.

"It's like your alcohol, but you don't drink alcohol.

"Also if you order coke, you personally hate that flight attendant, and if you don't understand why just read the comments, I'm sure the flight attendants will tell you."

A cabin crew member explained that diet coke takes too long to pour with the bubbles as soft drinks foam up more due to the cabin pressure.

While pointing to a picture of an old man, Kat continued: "Our black coffee drinkers is these guys, my favourite people.

"By the way, don't ever drink coffee or tea from an aeroplane. If you don't know why, go watch my previous videos."

As reported, Kat said you should never ask for anything using hot water because the tanks are never cleaned – and are right by the toilets.

She continued: "Sparkling water: you're my boujee, fine taste kind of people.

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"You order a mimosa, you are my business people sitting in first class just enjoying life, working away on your little computer."

In a separate video, she went on: "My ginger ale lovers, they drink this because they don't want to hurl to the left, to the right, to the front, to the back, so they think this is going to be their saving grace of not hurling on their neighbours.

"My tomato juice kind of people are three different people.

"One, they only drink tomato juice while they're flying because they think that it tastes better on the aeroplane.

"Two is people who have not eaten and think this is going to add some kind of substance and they're going to eat this for lunch.

"Or three is my party type of people who are ready to have a good time.

"If you're getting Sprite, your mum ordered it for you and you're probably five-years-old."

The videos have racked up more than 2m views, with lots of people on board with the Diet Coke complaints.

One person wrote: "As a former flight attendant I can say we all hated the Diet Coke people."

Another person commented: "I always ask for the can of Diet Coke because I'm not gonna make the flight attendant wait for it [to] stop fizzing."

A third wrote: "The bubbles NEVER go down it takes a million years."

Here are the five drinks you should never order on a flight – and the one you should.

A flight attendant has revealed how to get free drinks on a plane.

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