My ex used to tell me I didn't have a bum… so I transformed myself completely and now have loads of curves

BREAKING up with your partner is never nice, but working on yourself after the relationship is always great. 

Especially when you realise you left a toxic relationship behind. It can give a sense of relief and turn you into a totally new person. 

And one TikTok influencer is here to tell her story. 

Sharing to her social media page Layyzerr, she stunned her followers by showing her huge transformation. 

She captioned the video: “True Story” 

Presenting a throwback picture of herself, she wrote a quote that she claims her ex once said to her. 


It read: “You don’t have an ass.” 

She showed off other pictures in gym shorts and a bra showing her body off. 

Layyzerr then shows her complete body transformation, and she looks totally different. 

But some followers were doubting if her bum was bigger, with one writing: “Tbh you still don’t you’re just SUPER extending that angle.” 

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Another wrote: “I mean u (SIC) still don’t but ur (SIC) really fit.” 

But others were loving her new body. 

One wrote: “Girl don’t even bother responding to these haters. You look amazing.” 

Another wrote: “Girl the progress in THERE! These people are just jealous and always looking to bring people down! Keep working hard bbg”.

While a third added: “Don’t worry about ur lame ex or these commenters(SIC), just keep working hard you look fantastic!”

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