My four-year-old daughter ruined my brand new makeup haul so I taught her a lesson but people say I was too harsh | The Sun

ALL parents know the absolute carnage children can make when you turn your back for just a split second.

But one mum has been criticised for teaching her four-year-old daughter a lesson after destroying her new makeup.

Posting to TikTok, Rosie Vaughan, from the UK, showed how she taught her daughter not to ruin her items.

"Kids need to learn the hard way sometimes," she wrote in the caption.

The mum showed that her daughter had destroyed her new bronzer, powder, foundation, and face cream, by emptying the products all over her bed.

But Rosie wanted to make sure her daughter learned it wasn't okay to ruin other people's belongings so bagged up her toys.


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The mum then put money in her daughter's purse to make it seem like she had to spend her pocket money to replace the items.

The pair went to the shops together where her daughter picked out all of the items she had destroyed.

Rosie wrote: "A valuable lesson has been learnt today.

"She will earn her toys back with good behaviour and caring for other people's things."

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The video has since gone viral with over 350k views, but not everyone agree with the method as some claimed it was 'too harsh.'

One wrote: "Honestly I think this would be an okay consequence if she was, older? At four I don’t think she’d know much better."

Another person commented: "My parents did this as one of my punishments and it just gave me trauma."

A third penned: "My mum did this to me when I was younger I remember not understanding why and it just really upsetting me , children are young and have not developed.

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However, there were plenty of parents who agreed with the tactic, one said: "I love the idea of having her replace what she broke… no different from having your kid help clean up something they spilled."

Another person added: "this is the best way to discipline, teaching them rather than punishing them, it also helps you learn to be calm and collected when they do such thing."

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