My neighbour stuck a nasty note on my car telling me I need to lose weight, it’s so savage | The Sun

THE BOILING hot weather we've all experienced means most of us have had our fans on full blast.

And if you're lucky enough to own one in the UK, you'd probably have the air conditioner on instead.

So imagine one man's surprise when he discovered a note from his neighbour telling him to lose weight so he wouldn't be 'so hot all the time," instead of running his air conditioner.

The man, from Ontario, Canada, shared the note he recieved anonmyously on Reddit.

The comprehensive note read: 'Buddy, Im not sure if you're aware but your air conditioningis not working properly.


"It was 8 degrees last night and the thing is still running non-stop.


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"Please do us all a favour and try opening a couple of windows once in a while."

Singing off the aggresive note, the neighbour than offered some rude solutions to fix the problem: "Fix your damn air conditioning or lose some f***ing weight so you're not so hot all the time!

"Can't even hear my godamn TV it's so loud."

While the penman did not identify who he was, the reciever thought it was obvious it was a neighbour close by.

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He shared a picture of the note with the following message: "Well this sucked to find on my car.

"If the neighbour would have come and talked to me about I would have been happy to have the AC looked at.

"Please don’t be the person who leaves a note like this. I’m always happy to talk it out with people."

And it seemed he wasn't the only person shocked by his neighbours savage note, with Reddit users quickly pointing out how uncalled for it was.

One wrote: "That’s the world today. Social media is bleeding through to real life, and resulting in pathetic s*** like this."

Another commented: "What a cruel note. The author or authors are poor neighbors to say the least."

A third penned: "That's alot of anger for a person who's not able to talk to someone face to face. They must love twitter."

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