My dad sent me to school as candyfloss when I was little – I've just realised what I actually looked like | The Sun

A WOMAN has left everyone in stitches after sharing an adorable costume her dad had given to her as a child – and it's safe to say it looks like something completely else.

Ahead of an event, one dad took up the very important responsibility of sorting out his daughter's outfit.

In her head, Jema Lee, now years older, was supposed to arrive looking like fluffy cotton candy.

But it seems that dad had failed the mission her had embarked on decades ago, as Jema was mortified after finding some childhood snaps.

In fact, the outfit was such a fail, that she even decided to share the photo on TikTok, where it's racked up over a million views in less than a week.

''This is ICONIC,'' the woman, who now works as a menstrual cycle coach, wrote in the caption of the viral clip.

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''When my dad dressed me as cotton candy but I looked like a TAMPON,'' Jema said before showing the image taken years ago.

Stood in a playground, wearing white leggings and a long sleeve top, the little girl was posing to the camera, completely oblivious to what she looked like.

Getting her ready for school, Jema's dad had also put on a very fluffy costume in pink – but the unfortunate shape and the bright red colour made it more similar to a tampon rather than a delicious cotton candy.

To make matters even worse, this wasn't a fresh tampon either, leaving everyone in hysterics.

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''Thanks dad for your encouragement,'' she chuckled in the caption.

The major fail has gone viral and has seen more than a thousand comments so far.

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One mortified TikTok user said: ''i was waiting for a new tempon not a used one [sic].''

Another penned: ''I’m so sorry for this moment that ruined your childhood.''

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Someone else added: ''omg I wonder what the teachers thought.''

''My condolences,'' a fourth laughed.

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