My neighbours own four cars but refuse to park them on their drive – they keep leaving them right outside my house | The Sun

A WOMAN has vented her frustration at her neighbour who always parks their four cars on the street – despite owning a garage and driveway.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and explained how the neighbour who lives opposite are a four car household.

She continued: "They don't use their garage or driveway. I understand not garaging a car, as we and many others use their garage for storage, but the drive?

"I just find it a bit inconsiderate to park on the road outside our/other people's houses when they have an empty drive."

The woman went on to say how she's not the only resident who has taken issue with this.

"My next door neighbour has mentioned this to me, as like us she often arrives home from work or being out to find one of their cars parked outside her house… and opposite is their empty drive," she explained.

The woman went on to ask whether social forum users: "Are we (our next door neighbour and us) being unreasonable, or is it the family opposite?"

It wasn't long before the post was flooded with comments – with many agreeing it's a selfish move from the neighbour, but adding that there's not much that can be done about it.

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"If they're parked legally then it’s none of your business whether they use their drive or not," wrote one. "I appreciate it’s annoying but they don’t have to park on their drive."

A second agreed: "From the sounds of it, they’re not doing anything wrong but it is a d**k move."

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A third penned: "It’s not illegal but it is inconsiderate. I’d ask them politely, with your other neighbour. Nothing to lose."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Ask them that as they aren't using their drive would they mind you parking on it as there isn't much room on the road?"

Another added: "You are being unreasonable unfortunately,
But I understand your frustration."

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And a further noted: "Of course your neighbours are being unreasonable and unselfish. If everybody parked like this there would be nowhere to park.

I wouldn't mention it though as they are obviously just selfish f***s."

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