NEEDLES Goes Heavy on the Plaid Patterns for Newest Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Japanese label NEEDLES is aiming to conclude the year off with a bang as it has just delivered its plaid-repleted Fall/Winter 2020 apparel and footwear capsule. The imprint, which is headed up by designer Keizo Shimizu, was recently seen aligned with Verdy’s Girls Don’t Cry for a collaborative project last month.

The stunning pieces involved in this seasonal delivery include that of the brand’s signature tracksuits, wool cardigans, wide leg trousers, Bermuda bucket hats and two sets of clogs. Each of the clothing items hone in on plaid graphics split between two sets of color schemes, the first being a darker mix of navy blue and green tones while the second dials to a warmer blend of fall-friendly brown and orange. The Bermuda bucket head pieces are ornamented with the very same patterned detail, and come designed with NEEDLES‘ butterfly logo contrasting via white embroidery up front and center.

Under the footwear category, Shimizu is proffering up two clog silhouettes, which in essence makes perfect sense considering that slip-on-slip-off shoes have been more on-trend this year given the quarantine restrictions. Two silhouettes including the Safety Clog and the Picasso Clog both come in either brown or black colorways, and feature steel toe finishes across the front.

For those interested in adding any of these pieces to your wardrobe, you can find the full collection available now at select retailers like Nepenthes.

Elsewhere in the fashion world, the BBC Winter 2020 clothing capsule has just launched.
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