Nike and Tom Sachs Are Inviting You to Be a NIKECRAFT Mars Yard 2.5 Wear Tester

“With this particular challenge, we are engaging people to really think about this shoe and bring different perspectives, both culturally and environmentally,” says Sachs when reflecting on this new initiative. “This is an opportunity to invite a larger audience to really indulge in our favorite part of the process — learning about things and making stuff.

Up above, a tongue-in-cheek video is shown of Sachs and his colleagues doing their best job to wear the shoes to death by going the distance and testing the model over cinder blocks and nails on a treadmill, hammering its outsole and more.

For the wear test, applicants are required to submit a one-minute video via Instagram. More details can be found on the NIKECRAFT website.

In addition to this component, the NIKECRAFT team will also conduct further research on how to best care for sneakers, champion sustainability, maintain the material objects that one already owns, and wearing them into the ground.

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