Queen Mathilde of Belgium’s ‘vintage’ Burmese ruby engagement ring she hardly ever wears

Queen Mathilde stuns in red ensemble in Brussels

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Queen Mathilde of Belgium, 49, has been married to King Philippe of Belgium since 1999. She was presented with a ruby engagement ring which can be seen from pictures in the early years of her marriage. However she does not usually wear this ring anymore, and only brings it out for special occasions.

Philippe had commissioned the ring from a Belgian jewellery firm, Wolfers.

It features a dark red Burmese ruby set in gold and surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

There are additional diamonds on the side of the band, giving the ring a “vintage feel” the Court Jeweller claims.

The Burmese ruby look draws many comparisons to Sarah Ferguson’s ring from Prince Andrew.

When wearing the ring, Mathilde will wear it on her left hand, as she did in Paris in October 2012.

She also wore the ring on her hand during the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in Amsterdam in April 2013.

The large oval ruby surrounded by diamonds is on-trend with style nowadays.

Coloured diamonds and gemstones are very popular, as is the colour red which symbolises love.

Mathilde does not stack her engagement ring and wedding band.

Instead, like many Belgians, she wears her wedding band on her right hand.

Nowadays, royal fans will often see the engagement ring replaced by a different jewel.

For their 10th wedding anniversary in 2009, Philippe commissioned a second gorgeous ring for Mathilde to wear.

Wolfers also made this spectacular diamond and sapphire ring for Mathilde.

The blue sapphire ring is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton.

Queen Mathilde often swaps out her engagement ring for the sapphire ring at public events these days.

Queen Mathilde herself is not a major advocate for jewellery.

She only has three rings: her wedding ring, her engagement ring and the sapphire ring King Philippe gave her to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Besides those three rings, she barely wears any other piece of jewellery.

She is hardly ever seen with a necklace and her choice of earrings is always very subtle.

Queen Mathilde will never be seen without her wedding ring, but only wears her engagement ring on official occasions, which is why it is not so well known.

Nevertheless, this ring is considered to be one of the most beautiful royal engagement rings.

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