Savvy mum shares genius hack to get biro out of your sofa with NO scrubbing and people are amazed

KIDS, pens and furniture are three things we don't like to let mix too often, but sometimes accidents happen.

Luckily a savvy mum has revealed how to get biro marks off your sofa without spending hours scrubbing away at the stain.

Leisl Elizabeth, who runs the TikTokaccount @cleanfreak_cleaningco, demonstrated how easy it is to lift away a pen stain, using just a can of hairspray to do the trick.

She captioned the video: "Has your darling child drawn on your furniture or couch?"

In the next shot, Leisl holds up a can of Schwartzcof hairspray, before spritzing the product on to the sofa.

She advises leaving the product a short while in order to let it do its magic.

Later, she returns with a cloth and gently buffs the stain away in circular motions.

The video has received over 75000 likes and hundreds of comments.

People have been impressed by the nifty cleaning trick, with one viewer calling it, "amazing".

One viewer said: "One more episode of 'I learn more on TikTok than I've learned in my whole life."

Someone else added: "I'm a hairdresser and when we get dye on our clothes, we quickly spray it with hairspray. It usually disappears."

A third said: "OMG. This couldn't have come into my life at a better time."

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