The best high-impact sports bras that will actually support your boobs

When we run, jog, sprint, burpee or cycle – our boobs move. That’s just how they work.

Without the right the support, too much boob jiggle can be painful, damaging and can even put women – or anyone who has breasts – off sport altogether.

But there are so many different sports bras out there. You have to choose the right bra for the right exercise. Using a yoga bra for a high intensity boxing class isn’t going to cut it.

And if you like fitness that involves lots of movement, jumping, or going really fast – you’re going to need something that can handle that level of impact. And keep the ladies nice and secure.

We have pulled together our favourite high-impact sports bras that will banish the bounce, no matter how hard you push yourself.

So strap yourself in and prepare to feel the freedom of correctly supported breasts. It’s amazing.

Nike Rival, Women’s High-Support Sports Bra (plus size), £47.95

We love this bra for it’s sleek fit, sturdy-back support and compression feature to really make you feel secure.

It goes up to a size 42F, so perfect for sporty women with bigger boobs.

Fabletics, Ella High Impact Zip Front Sports Bra, £21.82

The front zip means you can wave goodbye to the sweaty contortions you often have to do to get back-fastening bras on and off.

But make sure the protective coverings are positioned correctly, because those zips can do some serious damage when you’re running.

The high-impact bra also has pretty crossover straps at the back, which look cute and also provide extra support.

New Balance, Power Bra, £45

This black number is the perfect staple for all of your high-impact needs.

It has a gel-infused strap lining which feels really comfortable against your skin, and the straps are also adjustable if you need to tighten or loosen.

There’s also mesh at the front to help keep you cool and prevent that unpleasant pool of boob sweat. Because no one wants that.

Brooks, Juno, £40 – £50

The Juno is great if you like a really controlled fit. It somehow manages to be both lightweight and heavy duty with its support.

We love that the straps are adjustable at the front, and it comes in loads of cute designs.

Freya, Sonic Smoke Moulded Sports Bra, £40

The Sonic bra comes in B-H cups so it’s a good choice for all the bigger-breasted women.

It also has an additional J hook so you can choose to style it in a racer-back – so it will go with all your fitness outfits.

The bra has comfortable, padded straps and breathable moulded cups to keep your boobs happy and dry.

Iris & Lilly, Contrast Colour Racerback High Impact Sports Bra, £15.49 – £23.99

This racer back bra is a really good option, particularly if you’re on a tighter budget.

The cups have a moulded outer layer for additional support and the straps are cushioned and comfy.

It won’t give you the same level of high support if you have big boobs, but for small or medium sizes, you’ll still feel secure.

Brooks, Rebound Racer, £32 – £40

Like the Juno bra, the Rebound Racer offers a fantastic level of support and the straps adjust at the front to give you greater control.

It gives you compressive support and the material only has limited stretch so it will really keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

Runderwear Women’s Support Running Bra, £40

This bra has been specifically designed for runners and it will definitely limit your bounce while you’re pounding the pavement.

It has closure at the back and additional J hooks for extra support. We also love the technical fabric because it is so lightweight and really does keep you cool.

There are removal pads in the cups which provide added support, but you can take them out if you don’t need them.

Simply Be, High Impact Floral Mesh Bra, £22

We love the price point of this bra, and the fact that it caters for sizes up to 48DD.

It’s non-wired with cross straps at the back for added support and hook and eye clasps for added security.

The adorable floral design means you could even wear it as a crop top with your favourite high-waisted leggings if you just get too hot in your spin class.

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