Jacqueline Wong facing bankruptcy after cheating scandal with Andy Hui?

Jacqueline Wong, used to memorising lines in her work as an actress, has another reading assignment.

This time, she and her lawyers have to read the fine print in the contracts she signed with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB and companies that tapped her for advertising and marketing campaigns.

She has to find out if she has to compensate them if her personal conduct is found wanting.

Because of her scandal with singer Andy Hui, TVB and the companies are reportedly going after her for compensation over the damage to their reputation and projects that have to be shelved or reworked.

TVB forked out $1.7 million to reshoot scenes in TV drama Forensic Heroes IV, reported Ming Pao Daily News.

Talk has it that Wong, 30, may have to cough up HK$40 million (S$7 million), sparking speculation over whether she could be declared bankrupt if she cannot do so.

Ming Pao noted that the companies are demanding more than HK$10 million while TVB is said to have asked for HK$30 million to reshoot dramas Forensic Heroes IV and Finding Her Voice.

TVB, however, has clarified that it is not pressing Wong for money.

The nightmare for the actress, who is now in the United States to reportedly pursue acting and directing classes, started in April when she was caught kissing Hui, 51, in a taxi.

He has apologised in public while his wife, Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng, 46, has vowed to protect their marriage. She has also poured her energy into preparations for her Hong Kong concerts in July.

Hui himself has paid the price for his straying ways, with his upcoming Hong Kong concerts axed because of a boycott by sponsors.

Apart from dealing with angry sponsors, Wong also faces the prospect of being dropped by boyfriend, TVB actor Kenneth Ma, 45, going by what he has told journalists after the scandal.

Ma, who has drawn praise for his dignified response, initially said Wong made a mistake and asked people to give her space to make a comeback.

But, in a recent meet-up with Hong Kong media, he seems to have lost his ardour for Wong, saying that if he took time out from work, it would not be wasted on thinking about their relationship.

Instead, he would run errands and even take on opportunities to earn extra money.

He has also told journalists that his next girlfriend cannot be a woman fixated on money, prompting many to think that he has ended a three-year relationship with Wong.

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