These online shopping fails will make you rethink buying internet bargains – from miniature boots to disastrous dresses

EXPOSING hilarious online shopping fails, one social media account has shown how buying from some websites can cause shock and disappointment.

From ordering shoes that would only fit a doll to clothes that give you an extreme camel toe, these pictures have viewers in hysterics.

Posting on their Instagram account, Flawlessdollsshared several pictures under the caption "Online shopping fails."

The first picture shows what looks like a bodycon dress in the advert, beside the actual dress that hung like a bin-bag off the buyer.

In the second picture, a woman has ordered a sheet face mask, and although it has a cut-out area for lips and eyes, the mask is tiny and only covers a patch of her forehead.

One of the funniest images is of an advert for red lace-up boots, beside the shoes that arrived that could only fit a barbie-sized doll.

Pictures in the post also include 'Yeezy' trainers costing $750 that arrived as giant puffy slippers and another pair of boots that can only fit a doll.

Another women's jumpsuit outfit is shown as the product gives the buyer an embarrassingly obvious camel toe.

Viewers have reacted in the comments finding the online vs reality images of these online buys hilarious.

"I’m howling" commented one person, alongside laughing emojis.

Another said: "I can't stop laughing."

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