These perfectly-timed optical illusions will have you scratching your head – so can YOU see what’s going on?

SOMETIMES the best photos occur when you least expect it – and it’s all down to the perfect timing. 

These baffling optical illusions may cause you to do a double take at first glance due to looking rather bizarre indeed. 

The collection, collated by Shareably, shows how unexpected shots can happen in a split second if there is a camera in the right place at the right time. 

Among the batch is a man who started a trend for bearded men tilting their heads back in photos creating the illusion that they have no face. 

In another shot, a man appears to have a dog’s head, as he napped at a funny angle on the sofa. 

Here are the photos that prove you should always have your camera at the ready…

Ruff times

Put her foot in it

Swine of the times

Facing the facts

Sweet treat

Pour show

Life's a beach

Full of hot air

Meanwhile, these amazing optical illusions will have you questioning what goes where.

And these mind-bending optical illusions that ‘break’ your brain – from gravity-defying tourist to a car-sized cat.

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