We’re desperate to marry & have kids with our shared lover – but the law forbids it, say identical twins

THE siblings dubbed the "world's most identical twins" Anna and Lucy De Cinque broke down in tears as they revealed they're desperate to wed their SHARED boyfriend – but the law still bans it. 

Speaking ahead of their appearance on TLC's Extreme Sisters the twins, who claim to be the most identical in the world, admitted they were still itching to tie the knot with shared lover Ben Byrne who they've been jointly partnered with for years.

Lucy, crying as she spoke, said in a preview they shared on Instagram and YouTube: "There's a rule to get married with the same man, there's a rule to have the baby with the same man.

"Sharing a boyfriend for us means we get to be together forever.

There's no jealousy in this relationship.

"If Ben kisses Anna he'll kiss me straight after."

Previously the sisters revealed how they shared one giant bed with Ben.

They told Australian TV host Dave Hughes: "Okay, so we share a partner Ben and we would like marry him one day but the law in Australia says we can't, so what do we do?" they ask.

The twins have captioned the video: "We share a unique problem. WE WANT TO MARRY THE SAME MAN."

The pair, from Perth, Western Australia, met mechanic Ben  in 2012, shortly before they found fame.

They were honest with him about what they wanted, they previously told The Sun.

"We were upfront that we came as a package, and he insisted that was fine with him," Anna said.

"Being a non-identical twin himself, he said that he understood our bond.”

“We were still nervous, though,” added Lucy.

“We knew some guys might think it was kinky to date twins and see us as a trophy, so we had to feel sure that Ben genuinely liked both of us before we agreed to meet him.”

The trio began dating and Ben – who lived a 40-minute drive away – moved in with the girls and their mum a year later.

“Ben treats us completely equally. If he kisses Anna, he kisses me right after, and holds both our hands when we’re out,” explained Lucy.

“We never feel jealous because we know he loves us the same.

“We all sleep together, but it’s not like a threesome as we don’t get involved with each other. Some people say it’s disgusting, but it works for us.”

Polygamy, having more than one wive, is banned under the Marriage Act 1961, in Australia.

Extreme Sisters premieres Sunday, April 25 on TLC.

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