What the gunk-covered grills McDonald’s staff use to cook your burgers on REALLY look like

A MCDONALD’S worker has revealed what the “gunk-covered” grills look like after a day of cooking burgers. 

Josiah Kim created some behind-the-scenes clips from the fast food restaurant where he works, showing how he cleans the grease and charred meat at the end of his shift. 

His videos have gone viral, with some people left horrified and others highly satisfied at the deep clean process. 

Josiah showed fans the exact method he uses to scrub, wash and brush the burger grills. 

Firstly, he uses a scraper to remove the “gunk”, which is a brown residue of beef remains and grease after a long day of cooking patties. 

Then he “deglazes” the still-hot grill by pouring water on top to remove any stubborn bits of “gunk.”

The water boils on the hot surface to loosen any remains, and he uses a squeegee to get any last bits off. 

Next up, Josiah adds a special “goop” that cleans the grill. 

He uses a blue scrubbing tool to move the cleaning substance around the grill as it heats up – and the area is noticeably cleaner at this point. 

Josiah next dumps a big blue bucket of water onto the grill twice and goes over it again with a squeegee, making sure the water appears clearer each time. 

At the end of the process, Josiah has left the grill looking much cleaner, although a few stubborn stains remain.

His videos have racked up millions of views, and some people have been left grossed out. 

One said: “Thank god I'm a vegetarian”.

Another added: “That goop be looking kind of sus ngl.”

Others were impressed at the extensive lengths McDonald’s goes to with their cleaning process. 

One wrote: “Honestly I'm just happy to know they cleaned it.”

Another added: “OK but y'all at least clean y'all grill.”

Many people found the cleaning videos “satisfying”, with one saying: “Why did I sit here and watch this whole thing!?? Ummm because it was awesome duh!!”

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