What the presidential Christmas trees reveal about each recent first lady, according to an expert

CHRISTMASTIME is a serious deal in the White House – but it wasn’t always that way. 

The first known Christmas tree to be displayed in the White House was in 1889 during Benjamin Harrison’s presidency, according to The White House Historical Association. 

But that didn’t start any solid tradition, as it wasn't mainstream to celebrate Christmas with a tree in the house at that point. 

In fact, it is even rumored that Theodore Roosevelt banned Christmas trees from the historical residence while he lived there due to his serious concerns about deforestation, but The White House Historical Association reported that his family normally didn't celebrate Christmas with a tree.

While trees began appearing in the White House regularly following Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, it was  First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who began the tradition of having a themed Christmas tree in the Blue Room in 1961. 

Now, it’s tradition for every first lady to choose a theme for the holiday decorations each year – but the festive ornaments go far beyond just the tree.

Per The Mercury News, Dr. Jill Biden had the People's House decorated with “41 ​​Christmas trees, 6,000 feet of ribbon, over 300 candles, 10,000 ornaments, 25 wreaths, and 78,750 holiday lights” throughout its perimeters this year. 

Of course, she is just the latest first lady to completely deck the halls for Christmas. 

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Here’s what the recent presidential Christmas trees reveal about each first lady, according to an expert.


Jill Biden wanted to pay respect to the current state of the world and the lives lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic with her tree and holiday decorations, according to Veronica Sanders, CEO and head interior designer of Design with Veronica Sanders.

“Remembering those we miss and cherishing them through the representation of glorious white doves is so fitting for the Biden Christmas tree," Veronica told The Sun.

“The white dove is said to represent purity, love, and peace; a much-needed message for this year to bring back the Christmas spirit for the Biden administration. 

“This tree serves as a reminder to reconnect with our loved ones, but to always remember those around our nation who have gone on before us,” she explained.

“This tree is a beautiful reminder of what Christmas means not only for this time of year but for those to come.”


Melania Trump was a fairly quiet first lady and seemed to decorate her trees with her husband in mind. 

After all, she allegedly said she didn’t really care about the important role of the first lady in adding some Christmas cheer to the halls of the White House in 2018.  

“Former President Trump has a larger-than-life personality which is ever-present in the beautiful grandiose Christmas trees,” Veronica noted.

“Yellow symbolizes warmth, cheerfulness, and friendship and this tree is representative of those wonderful qualities of the Christmas season. 

“Warmth of family and friends as made evident in the holiday pictorial ornaments and the cheerful smiles the yellow bows will put on the faces of each spectator.”

She concluded: “This tree shows that happiness just may be the key to life.”


Michelle Obama was much more comfortable in the political spotlight than Melania seemed to be, even though they both didn’t start their professional careers with dreams of being Capitol Hill politicians.

The tree above seemed to echo her and her husband’s unified message of hope and perseverance during their time in the People’s House, according to Veronica.

“Sometimes a kind word is all you need to get through a not-so-cheerful holiday,” she stated.

“Words of affirmation can certainly bring joy and I love seeing it on the tree of former President Obama.”

Veronica described the tree’s embellishments as “a classic touch of graceful elegance, symmetry, and strategically.”

“It is a great physical interpretation of the spirit of the Obamas and their hope for the country during their administration,” she continued.

“The white laurel that wraps the base of the tree seems to serve as a grounding foundation in hopes for longevity of prosperity, hope, unity, and liberty for our country.”

Overall, Veronica said when it comes to comparing each Christmas tree, "it's so clear to see how perspective is everything."

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