Woman shares her nifty meal-planning hack which stops family dinners getting boring

A WOMAN has shared the nifty method she uses to ensure dinner time is never dull – and her tip has gone down a storm with parents. 

After cooking for herself for the past few years after leaving home, she found meal times were getting a little predictable. 

To mix things up, she decided to write down a variety of dishes and pop them in a jar. 

She created a simple meal board with days of the week printed on, and at the beginning of each week she simply grabs dishes from the jar and attaches them to the board via a clip. 

Sharing her idea to Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia, saying: “Living out of home for the past 2 years and one of the hardest things is deciding what's for dinner.

“My partner and I aren't the type to do a big shop at the start of the week and organise dinners, I work at a supermarket so I just grab what I need everyday after work.

“I spotted this little hack on my feed and decided to give it go!

“I have about 25 dinners written down and we pick it out at the start of the week, can't wait for next week now!”

The budding chef shared a snap of her menu for the week ahead, with dishes such as butter chicken, stir fry, carbonara and cornflake chicken sushi which attracted a lot of attention. 

Commenting on the unusual dish, one person asked: “What is Cornflake Chicken Sushi!? Sounds like I need it in my life!!”

Sharing the recipe for anyone who wanted to copy it, the woman replied: “So we smash up cornflakes, coat chicken strips (like a schnitzel), make some rice, cut up an avocado and other sushi items and make a sort of sushi bowl.

“My partner first introduced it to me years ago by making me a cornflakes chicken burger and it was AMAZING!”

Her post has racked up more than 1,000 comments, as people claimed they were stealing the idea for themselves. 

One person raved: “Brilliant!! Stealing this cool idea! Thanks for sharing.”

Another wrote: “This is amazing! Will help the struggles.”

While a third added: “Great idea!! Totally copying.”

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