Woman spends £75 making a ‘cat-io’ for her pets so they have somewhere to sunbathe during lockdown

A WOMAN has shared how she made an incredible “cat-io” for her four moggies so they have somewhere to sunbathe during lockdown. 

The house cats are said to be loving their new outdoor play area, which she created for just £75. 

The pet owner took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share her impressive DIY project. 

In the photos, the happy moggies can be seen reclining in a hammock and on a wooden area with a ramp, inside a framed section of the garden. 

Perfect for felines with attitude, the cats can safely come and go as they please through the open window into the enclosed pen. 

She wrote: “We have 4 house cats which in the summer is a nightmare as we can't open any of the windows! 

“Yesterday my partner built a ‘Catio’ for them out of the kitchen windows and they love it!

“Cost was £75 for materials ordered from Wickes with free delivery, the shelves and ladders were made from an old fence and the boxes etc were from an old scratching post we already had, the Hammock is an old bathroom towel!”

She explained that her cats are house pets, as two of them are Ragdolls and “have no desire to travel far”. 

She added: “None of the cats have any interest to go far, we have always taken them into the garden with us and they just have a wee wander and sunbathe, we will still do this however this is so that they can play and sunbathe whenever they want and we can open the windows. 

“It is not cruel to have house cats, my cats are happy and loved.”

Many people were highly impressed with her project, and the post has racked up thousands of likes online. 

One person wrote: “I’m literally sat here looking at prices of catios so 75£ is a bargain!!!”

Another added: “Amazing well done.”

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