Woman’s dating profile goes viral after man points out awkward photo detail

A WOMAN’S dating profile has gone viral after she tried to figure out why a bloke asked her if she was an amputee. 

The singleton, named Emily, shared screengrabs of a conversation with a man on TikTok, after he noticed a very awkward detail in all her photos.  

He dived straight in with a personal question, and asks: “This may sound weird but are you an amputee?” 

Clearly thinking he’s trying a novel chat-up line, the 21-year-old replies: “No. Can’t wait for the next line.”

But he continues to make his point, saying: “I was asking a genuine question. 

“Look at your photos and tell me you wouldn’t think the same. 

“You only ever have 1 arm in them.”

UK-based Emily replied ‘I’m howling’, and she admitted the guy had a point.

She shared snaps of her dating profile online, and it dawned on her she only had one arm – her left – visible in the snaps.

Emily’s dating profile show her only posing on one side, a sultry headshot as well as a mirror selfie – where she unwittingly had her right arm behind her back. 

After realising her photos backed up the bloke’s theory, she added: “He really was [right]. Won’t take a selfie without thinking of it now.” 

Emily later shared a video to TikTok, clarifying she is able-bodied, which she captioned: “I do have arms.” 

Her videos have racked up thousands of views, as people definitely sided with the bloke on this one. 

One person said: “He had a point.”

Another wrote: “He was totally right I’m dying.”

A third commented: “This is so funny. He was totally right.”

This person thought: “The fact it’s the same arm every time too. He was on to something.” 

While another added: “It’s the white shirt mirror selfie.”

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