You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot the parrot’s hidden secret in mind-blowing optical illusion | The Sun

PARROTS are a beautiful and exotic bird, but this one is not what it seems.

You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot the hidden features in this bird's colorful feathers.

If you peel your eyes, you might notice that this bird isn't what it appears to be.

The bird is actually a painted woman, posed to resemble a perched parrot.

Looking closely at the image, you can see the woman's left leg is pointed to resemble the tail of the bird.

The model's left arm is wrapped around her head to create the parrot's beak, while her bent right leg creates the illusion of a wing.

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World-renowned artist Johannes Stötter, known as the Master of Illusions, created the image using body paint.

The Italy-based artist has shared videos of his various works, which includes a series of animals created from painted models.

"Rather than a static canvas, Johannes transfers his art onto live models, which enhances the connectivity between the artist, person and art-form," said a representative of the painter on his website.

They continued: "Bringing his artwork to life with each brush stroke, and creating detailed effects with his hands, he fuses the seen and unseen into one."

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Johannes previous work includes trippy illusions of a wolf, a whale, a butterfly, and a sea turtle.

If you want to see more of the artist's impressive illusions, you can try spot the hidden figures in his iconic frog image.

Johannes also transformed two models into a chameleon in another piece of art.

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