You’re in the top 1% if you can spot the hidden text in this optical illusion | The Sun

AN optical illusion expert has claimed only one percent of people can decipher the lettering in this image.

The image reportedly tests your eyesight – but don’t worry as there’s a trick to help.

The illusion was shared by TikTok star Rana Arshard who regularly challenges viewers with mind-boggling visual challenges.

Posting the pic he said: "Only one percent of people can actually see the hidden text in this image.

“At first glance, it may just look like black cubes in a white image, but there’s something else.

“Here’s a hint, if you close your eyes about 90 percent of the way and look at the image again you might see the hidden text.”

The image left viewers in the comments initially baffled before the penny dropped – it actually says BAD EYES.

One wrote: “Damn I got BAD EYES," as a second added: “No literally it’s bad eyes wait what no thanks.”

A third wrote: “After you see it you can’t unsee it.”

While a fourth claimed they solved the problem “easily,” boasting: “Actually I have good eyes!”

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Meanwhile, viewers were challenged to spot a blue-eyed fox in record time.

Hidden in the optical illusion's skulk is one creature that stands out as the only one to not have brown eyes.

But while it sounds easy to find, optical illusion fans have been left seeing red as they struggle to hunt out the fox in under 25 seconds.

According to its cunning creators, Book an Eye Test, the puzzle takes an average of 1 minute 13 seconds to solve.

But one smart player managed to find the unique fox among its counterparts in just 25 seconds.

It means if you're able to spot the blue-eyed animal under this time, you'll be the record holder.

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