A Massive Krispy Kreme Flagship Store Is Opening in Times Square, Complete with a Glaze Waterfall

Donut lovers, start planning your next trip to New York City. Krispy Kreme has announced they will be opening their first-ever flagship store in Times Square, with plans to open its doors in early 2020.

Set to be the first standalone Krispy Kreme in all of Manhattan (currently, there’s only a small kiosk in Penn Station), the Times Square Krispy Kreme will be pretty much everything a donut connoisseur could ever dream of and more. 4,500 square feet of fun, dough and sugar, the massive donut headquarters will give visitors an inside look at the donut making process from start to finish—literally.

Stadium-style seating means guests can overlook bakers as they mix ingredients, place dough on a conveyor belt and watch it pass under a massive waterfall of their signature glaze. Yes, you heard that right: The shop has a literal glaze waterfall. The store will also be home to the world’s largest Hot Light indicating when the donuts are fresh, something Krispy Kreme takes very seriously.

The North Carolina-based chain expects that this location will be their busiest in the world, and will be selling pre-packaged dozens of the Original Glazed and other assortments from a grab-and-go counter inside the store to keep lines moving quickly. In addition to donuts, they will also be selling exclusive N.Y.C. and Krispy Kreme-themed merchandise, in case your donut-loving friends ask for a souvenir.

Just trying to get your fix and go without experiencing the craziness inside? There will also be a walk-up window outside selling pre-packed boxes of donuts and cups of coffee.

Set to open at the corner of 48th and Broadway—right across the street from the M&M’s store and similarly massive Olive Garden—renderings of the flagship store show it looking like one big Krispy Kreme box, with a wraparound LED screen flashing the classic logo during the day and the N.Y.C. skyline at night.

“Our direction is to be the most loved sweet treat brand in the world. In the most iconic city in the world, the Krispy Kreme Times Square Flagship will showcase our brand on the global stage and inspire customer wonder. We love making awesome donuts—and New Yorkers deserve hot and fresh donuts!” said Michael Tattersfield, CEO and President of Krispy Kreme.

Finally, New Yorkers can have all the Krispy Kreme they deserve.  

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