Forget Christmas puddings – this Nutella Christmas tree is only dessert you need

Many of us begin the festive season with good intentions. This year, we won’t be doing a last-minute dash to the local supermarket to buy up Viennettas and pre-made pastries.

No, this Christmas is one for home baking.

But amongst the stress of wrapping a million presents, sending cards to people who you can’t even remember how you know and making sure your pets don’t destroy the Christmas tree, the idea of baking starts to feel less like fun and more like a chore.

Well don’t panic because we’ve found what possibly might be the most delicious-sounding, easy to make dessert idea ever.

And it only contains three ingredients!

We’re talking about a Nutella Christmas tree.

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It’s perfect because Nutella is a breakfast spread (at least on this continent) so it’s completely legit to bake and eat as soon as you wake up. Not that you need an excuse because Christmas breakfasts usually consist of alcohol and Quality Street anyway.

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