How to burn 680 calories in one hour by doing this fun exercise

Are you looking for a weight loss regime that’s fun and easy?

Fitness doesn’t have to be difficult or boring, many people can find a workout that’s best suited for them.

If you like a chilled exercise, like swimming, you’ll be happy to know that it could burn a whopping 680 calories in one hour.

Mark Schubert, head of the US National Team and seven-time Olympic swimming coach, claims there are many ways to burn more calories in the pool.

The former coach revealed to five simple tips which will take your water workout to another level.

How can you burn more calories during swimming?

1. Change it up

To ensure you’re staying in the zone, stop after every 10 to 15 laps and use the pool clock to count your pulse for six seconds; take a zero onto the number.

Vigorous swimming can burn up to 680 calories per hour, based on a 150-pound woman.

4. Speed it up

Mark suggests trying one length easy, then one length fast, two lengths easy, two lengths fast and so on.

By diving your workout into four to six segments can burn loads of calories.

5. Less rest

Not more than 10% of your water time should be spent floating about.

Try cutting your rests in half, until you’re pausing just 10 seconds between laps or intervals.

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