‘I’m a head chef – here’s how to cook the perfect steak at home without hassle’

TikTok user tries Gordon Ramsay's air fryer steak recipe

A study, conducted by online butcher Campbells Meat, has found that 50 percent of Britons prefer their steak to be cooked in a different way to how they order when in public.

When shown a series of images of steaks cooked from rare to well-done, 58 percent of participants who ordered medium-rare or rare in public then chose differently when choosing from the images of cooked steak.

To help people the perfect steak at home, head chef Stevie Cheape and the team at Campbells Meat have created an extensive guide.

Stevie said: “People may not be aware of everything there is to know about steak, which is why they’re not enjoying the steak they end up with.

“But there’s no need to get steak wrong, with our guide to steak we’re helping educate people on everything they need to know.

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“Whether you want to know the best steak cuts, how to cook it yourself from home, and our recommendations for accompaniments, it’s all covered here.”

The expert advised Britons to have a look at images of different stages of cooking a steak, from blue to well done.

This can give you an indication of how your steak should look when cooking it, but Stevie also recommended the touch test.

The pro explained: “Simply hold your palm out in front of you, and with your other hand feel the palm flesh between your thumb and forefinger. This will have the same feel as raw steak.

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“Then, with your palm outward again with the same hand, touch your index finger to your thumb. With your other hand again, press the fleshy bit between your thumb and forefinger.

“This should feel quite a bit firmer and is the texture of medium/rare steak. Press your thumb and ring finger together and feel between your thumb and forefinger to find the texture of a medium-cooked steak.”

Lastly, press your thumb and pinky together. The fleshy bit of your palm between your thumb and forefinger should feel quite tough, and this is the texture of a well-done steak.”

If you do have a meat thermometer, the following temperatures should confirm how cooked your steak is.

If you’re aiming for a rare steak, it should be at 52 degrees, a medium/rare should be 57 degrees, a medium should be 63 degrees and a medium/well should be 66 degrees.

If you’re aiming for a well-done steak with no pink in it at all, aim for 71 degrees on the thermometer.

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