Mary McCartney Dishes on Her New Cooking Show—And Why Dad Paul Was 'So Great to Cook For' in Lockdown

Mary McCartney has spent years honing her cooking skills, and now she's sharing her vegetarian recipes with the world.

The photographer and host of Mary McCartney Serves It Up spoke from her London kitchen via Zoom with Jeremy Parsons, New York correspondent for PEOPLE (the TV Show!), and she says the new discovery+ series was "put together through the lockdown, through the pandemic."

The 51-year-old mother of four says cooking has always been a passion for her while "growing up in a vegetarian family" where she would watch her mother—photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney, who died in 1998—behind the stove.

Her dad, legendary musician Paul McCartney, "trusts" her cooking, she says.  "He really is so great to cook for because he really appreciates home cooking. He really loves someone cooking for him," she tells Parsons. 

Mary had the opportunity to cook regularly for the former Beatle because she spent lockdown with him in the UK.  "When we were in lockdown together, he was recording McCartney III, the album," she explains. "He'd be recording in the studio, and then he'd come back, and he'd put it on in the kitchen and play it while I was heating up and finishing off dinner. That's probably the best case scenario for him, like having family around, listening to music, and having dinner served."  

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Mary was just a baby in 1970 when she appeared on the McCartney album back-cover photo nestled in her dad's arms, peeking out from inside his jacket. She tells Parsons that she never knew the origins of that iconic image. "

"One day, I actually asked him—I was like, 'Dad, I've just looked at this photograph and never asked you why,' but I was like, 'Why exactly am I zipped up in your jacket?'," she says. "He said, 'Well, it's because we were in Scotland, and we were going horse riding,' so he zipped me up in his jacket, and then went for a horse ride together. That's a beautiful photograph, because my mother took that photograph. When you look at it, it's that warm sunset light from the end of the day, so yeah, I think it's beautiful." 

When it comes to food, Mary says they "are definitely a sandwich-obsessed family." 

"I think it has to do with the fact that my mum was a New Yorker, so we grew up on deli sandwiches," she adds. "You know when you go into a New York deli, and you just stack them high?  Here in England, traditionally, it's a little bit different than that."

Mary McCartney Serves It Up is currently streaming on discovery+.

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