Nestlé Toll House Unveils Tubs of Cookie Dough That Are Totally Safe to Eat Raw

For those who love to enjoy a spoonful of raw cookie dough despite the salmonella risk that the CDC keeps reminding us about, we have some good news.

With the introduction of its new Edible Cookie Dough, Nestlé Toll House is offering a way to satisfy your craving free of fear.

The new tubs of cookie dough comes in two flavors, and the company guarantees 100% safety while eating it. The first flavor, Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough, is based on Toll House’s famous chocolate chip cookie, a long-time staple for the company.

The Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Monster Edible version merges two flavors—oats and candy gems—into one colorful and delicious result.


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The exciting new product has been snapped by a number of happy customers at stores, such as at a Publix Super Market in Sarasota, Florida, where Instagram user @familyfooddude raved about the latest find, particularly the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster flavor.

Both options are available now in Publix stores, and will become available in Meijer, select Walmart stores and selected regional grocery chains throughout July 2019. The products are sitting at an average price of $4.97 for a 15-oz. tub.

This isn’t the first product of its kind, though it’s a first from Nestle. In January, Oreo released their own tubs of edible cookie dough, and the N.Y.C.-based eatery DŌ has been serving scoops of edible dough for years.

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