The Sight Of This Massive 66-Pound Hot Dog Will Make You Squirm

It has to be seen to be believed. Feltman’s of Coney Island recently set out to claim a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest hot dog—and this frank is a heavyweight. Weighing in at 66 pounds and measuring over 5 feet long, it is a sight to behold…and might make you a little nauseous. Owner Michael Quinn joked in an interview with WPIX11 New York that a crane would replace the tongs usually used to flip the ginormous hot dog.

But this artifact is more than just a piece of meat. Not only is Feltman’s eyeing the record with its two-foot wide masterpiece, which sits on a five-foot bun, but proceeds from the hot dog are heading to a good cause. After the dog had been officially measured and weighed for the record books on Wednesday, June 26, the hot dogs were cut into smaller portions that were sold for $10. The money raised went to the Headstrong Project, a non-profit providing mental health care to combat veterans.

If anyone is up to muster-d for breaking the record, it’s Feltman’s. The establishment is credited with giving Coney Island its very first hot dog in 1867. (A world without hot dogs is seriously hard to picture.) But the eatery clearly relished in the opportunity, tasking Michael’s Restaurant of Brooklyn with bun construction, while Union Pork Store in Union, New Jersey concocted the smoked meat, which Quinn referred to as a “jacuzzi.” (Uh, ok…)

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Per Feltman’s Facebook post, the hot dog’s measurements have been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for official review; their ruling is expected to be announced in the next 3 months. Other hot dog vendors and specialists: It’s time to ketchup with the competition.

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