This two-ingredient Nutella cake has the internet ready to indulge

Christmas is already a pretty indulgent time, but with everything else there is to cook, who can be bothered baking from scratch?

That’s likely why The Petite Cook’s two-ingredient Nutella cake has captured the taste buds of the internet.

Not only does it look completely delicious, it’s also a cinch to make, with eggs and the popular hazelnut spread comprising the only things you need to have in your cupboard.

The cake, perfected by Andrea Soranidis, who runs a food blog, takes just 30 minutes to put together and is even gluten free for any coeliac guests you may have.

All you need is eggs and Nutella or a similar chocolate spread. In Andrea’s recipe she makes her very own chocolate spread, which would definitely give it the edge – but honestly we’re too lazy.

Using a stand mixer, you whisk the eggs until they’re airy and tripled in size.

Then melt the Nutella in the microwave, putting it in an microwave safe bowl and nuking for 30 seconds.

Then there’s the mixing part. Here you have to be careful not to beat the air out of the eggs, so you add the eggs one third at a time to the nutella mixture, and have to work gently.

From there, add to a 6-inch greased pan and bake for between 20 and 25 minutes.

Andrea’s top tip for a gooey centre is to bake for 22 minutes exactly, and cool it on top of the oven with a clean tea towel on top to keep the moisture in.

The dessert would make a perfect Christmas treat, so if you want to make it you can check out the full recipe here.

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Or for something even faster – although arguably less sophisticated – head to McDonald’s where you and your mates can now order to a table from the app.

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