The Queen's coat divides opinion on whether it's blue or green

It’s ‘the dress’ all over again! Coat worn by Her Majesty for the Queen’s speech divides opinion- so, do YOU think it’s blue or green?

  • As the Queen appeared to open Parliament today Twitter users focused on dress
  • Some users thought she was dressed in green while others thought it was blue 
  • Comes after dress divided opinion with Twitter users in 2015 over it’s colours  

The Queen sparked an online debate over the colour of her dress after appearing to open parliament today, in a throwback to the infamous debate over ‘the dress’ in 2015.  

Her Majesty today gave the Queen’s speech, marking the State Opening of Parliament – following the Conservative party’s victory in the general election. 

She wore a textured coat over a floral dress with a matching hat, but onlookers were divided over whether her outfit was blue or green.  

Some took to Twitter to declare the royal was wearing blue to represent the Conservatives or even the Brexit party – while another asked if she was wearing green because she was quietly backing the party of the same name.  

The Queen sparked an online debate today as she sat in the House of Lords chamber during the State Opening of Parliament, with onlookers debating whether her coat was blue or green 

It echoed the viral debate over ‘the dress’, which almost broke the internet while people argued over whether it was blue and black or white and gold

One teased: ‘The Queen looks like the green triangle that no one eats at Christmas.’

While another said, ‘The Queen looks chuffed she’s wearing blue.’ 

Another argued: ‘I reckon Queen is in Brexit colours today? Better than the royal blue hat with yellow flowers after Ref2016’. 

‘Is her majesty wearing Green clobber to signify favouring green party politics.’ said a fourth. 

Another wrote: ‘The Queen is wearing Brexit blue!’ 

The Queen did not wear her full regalia and Imperial crown for the State Opening of Parliament this morning, instead opting for a turquoise day dress as the traditional pomp and pageantry was scaled back. 

Wearing the elegant turquoise outfit and matching hat, Elizabeth II croaked the 68th speech of her reign with a sore throat, as son and heir Prince Charles sat on the marginally lower throne beside her. 

The discussion was similar to that of the ‘dress debate’ that went viral in 2015 in after users didn’t know if a dress was black and blue, or white and gold. 

The Queen appeared with her son Prince Charles through the Royal Gallery before delivering the Queen’s Speech

Her Majesty today gave the Queen’s speech, marking the State Opening of Parliament – following the Conservative party’s victory in the general election

A picture of the two-toned dress was first uploaded on Tumblr by Caitlin McNeill, 21, an aspiring singer from Scotland, after noticing her friends saw different colors in the photo.

The image quickly became an online sensation, with posts arguing over the dress’s original colours – and science behind the debate – being viewed and shared millions of times.

Even celebrities weighed in on the fashion debate, with Kim Kardashian asking her 29.4million Twitter followers to help settle a disagreement between herself and husband Kanye West.

The hashtag #TheDress started trending worldwide on Twitter as the debate went global. 

The dress from Roman Originals sparked an online debate in 2015 

The original photograph of the dress was taken by Cecilia Bleasdale, who bought it for her daughter Grace’s upcoming wedding. 

She sent the image to the bride-to-be, who shared it with her groom. They were the first people to disagree over the dress’s colours.

But when the bride-to-be posted the picture on Facebook, a disagreement erupted over the colour of the outfit: some said it was white and gold, while others insisted it was blue and black.

The debate was forgotten until Caitlin , a close friend of Grace and her new husband, Keir Johnston, posted the picture on Tumblr days after the wedding.

Ms McNeill, whose band played at the Scottish ceremony, shared the photograph on a fan page dedicated to talent manager Sarah Weichel, who represents YouTube stars, before it circulated the internet. 

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