Try this chocolate salted maple and chesnut tart recipe over Christmas

If you’re entertaining over the next two weeks, perhaps you’re looking for something a little different to impress your guests.

We have a recipe that promises to do exactly that – offering a twist on a classic with seasonal ingredients.

Lucy and Jemima, from Wild by Tart, say: ‘This is a festive spin on our classic salted caramel tart – where we have substituted maple syrup instead of sugar and added chestnuts to the mix, and you will be thrilled to know it’s easier than making normal caramel.’

You can whip this recipe up as 12 mini tartlets or one large tart – depending on how you’re feeling.

However, if the thought of making pastry fills you with dread, Lucy and Jemima say you can always make a bake-free crunchy base – but this only works for a large tart.

To do this, the team say: ‘Give or take, crunch up ¾ of a packet of Hobnob biscuits, about 100g of toasted pecans and a little chocolate if you wish (smash till all tiny pieces), melt about ½ a packet of butter and mix in, pour into the tart case and squish down with your fingers to form the crust, chill in the fridge till hard.’

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make the pastry yourself, the full recipe can be found below.

Chocolate salted maple and chesnut tart recipe


For the filling:

·       200ml maple syrup 

·       100g chestnut purée

·       50g butter

·       50g double cream 

·       100g roasted and chopped hazelnuts 

·       1 tsp of sea salt 

·       100g 70% dark chocolate 

·       1 tbsp coconut oil 

For the pastry:

·        165g plain flour, plus extra for dusting

·        25g ground almonds

·       120g chilled unsalted butter, cubed

·       55g caster sugar

·       1 medium egg


For the pastry:

For the filling:

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