7 stylish wine coolers for optimal summer sipping, whether you’re indoors or out

Whatever you’re drinking this summer, keep it cool with this round-up of cool, calm and collected wine coolers. 

As we hurtle towards summer at a frighteningly fast pace, it pays heed to think about what we’ll be eating and drinking. After all, is it really summer if a copious amount of picnic food and Whispering Angel isn’t consumed?

Of course, once the sun has put her hat back on, it can become hard to keep drinks chilled and cooled, as they always ought to be for optimal exclamations whilst drinking. The solution? A wine cooler, of course!

There’s nothing quite like sipping on a cool drink on a balmy summers day, and the way to achieve those icy drinks is by employing the use of a chic and refined wine cooler, here are some of our favourites.

Please always remember to drink responsibly.

  • Mackenzie-Childs Mackenzie-Childs wine cooler

    Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check enamel wine coo

    Mackenzie-Childs’ monochrome wine cooler is sure to jazz up your outdoor garden set-up and keep your drinks icy. 

    Shop Mackenzie-Childs Mackenzie-Childs wine cooler, £108


  • Dibor free standing wine cooler

    Dibor free standing wine cooler

    Perfect for indoors or outdoors or wherever else you may fancy drinking from, this free standing wine cooler not only keeps your drinks chilled but also has a mini shelf for spare glasses too.

    Shop Dibor free standing wine cooler, £72


  • LED ice cooling bucket

    LED ice cooling bucket

    If you’re missing drinks on the beach somewhere sun-kissed, then fear not; you can bring Ibiza into your home with a light-up wine cooler. 

    Shop LED ice cooling bucket, £67


  • Perch and Parrow Gatsby champagne and wine cooler

    Perch and Parrow Gatsby champagne and wine in silver

    Serving those all-important Great Gatsby vibes, this Perch and Parrow wine cooler fits up to three bottles in it. The more the merrier, as they say! 

    Shop Perch and Parrow Gatsby champagne and wine cooler, £160


  • Trombone wine cooler

    Trombone wine cooler

    All that glitters apparently is absolutely gold, and the proof is this glimmering wine cooler courtesy of Trombone which can sit inside or outside.

    Shop Trombone wine cooler, £145


  • Marbletree wine cooler

    Marbletree wine cooler

    A chic and refined wine cooler comes by way of Marbletree which is cast in, unsurprisingly, black and white marble. 

    Shop Marbletree wine cooler at Not On The High Street, £39.50


  • The Colourful Garden Company personalised wine cooler

    The Colourful Garden Company personalised wine cooler

    Wine being cooled in a personalised wine cooler? Is there anything better, we ask you? No, we thought not. 

    Shop The Colourful Garden Company personalised wine cooler, £89


Images: courtesy of brands

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