PK lures Mackenzie into bed to ‘repay’ her debts in Home and Away

Mysterious newcomer PK (Ryan Johnson) has managed to persuade a debt-ridden Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to host a high-roller poker night, and the bar owner is bending over backwards to see that all of his needs are met.

He comes into Salt to speak with her ahead go the big event and lets her know he doesn’t want Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) there – she’s the sister of a cop. Mackenzie reluctantly breaks the news to her colleague.

That evening, as the event kicks off, Felicity heads to her front door so she can check on Mackenzie, but she is quickly stopped by Nathan (Ryan Panizza) and a burly stranger. PK wants to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere…

Meanwhile, in Salt, all is going well until PK saunters up to the bar and deals Mackenzie a devastating blow. The House lost, so she owes the players $100k. She can handle that, right?

Mackenzie begins freaking out – more debt?! PK says she shouldn’t worry, he’s got her covered. Mack is overcome with relief, but PK then says he’s sure she can find a way to repay him. He slips her a card with his hotel address on it, smiling suggestively.

Will Mackenzie go to PK’s hotel room to ‘repay’ her debts, or will she refuse him and risk getting into even more trouble with this mysterious gambler?

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