Remove moss on paving without scrubbing with a 70p common household item

How to remove weeds and moss from lawns

Moss can add a certain charm to gardens to give them a storybook look, but outside of aesthetics, it can be a danger in areas with high foot traffic.

Frosty weather can make walking around outside a danger on its own, but no one wishes to slip and fall outside their home because of moss, which can be an incredible nuisance when it grows on stone pathways or concrete.

Luckily, there is a simple way to get rid of slick surface moss from your garden using a household product, washing up liquid.

Joe, a lawncare expert who is the founder of Joe’s Lawn Care, has said you can turn washing up liquid into “an epic moss killer” which can even remove moss from your pathways and gardens. 

In a blog post, Joe explained: “I know this may sound even more baffling…but you can eradicate your moss problem with a two-ingredient cocktail of water and dish soap.”

In order to try out Joe’s simple moss remover, you will need:

  • 60ml of dish soap

  • Four and a half litres of water

  • Empty spray bottle

You will also need to check your local weather forecast and make sure it is not going to rain for the next 24 hours so the weather does not clean away your hard work.

Joe said: “I know this sounds odd, but mixing 60ml of dish soap into 4-and-a-half litres of water and then filling up a hand sprayer is one of the most incredible moss-killing recipes you could ever come across.

“Simply take your mixture outside and spray on any patches of moss you come across, holding your bottle just a couple of inches away as you drench the moss with your epic creation.”

Washing-up liquid can be bought for as little as 70p in Tesco and Aldi, plus Asda has their own brand of ‘just essentials’ washing-up liquid for 55p.

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According to Joe, you will know if this moss killer has effectively worked the next day when you check on the moss, as it will have gone from a lush green to an “orangey-brown” colour as it begins to dry up.

However, if you wish to get rid of the moss for good in your garden then you need to destroy the underlying conditions in your soil or grass which is causing it to reappear again.

Joe has recommended two simple lawn care tasks, one of which is called ‘scarification’ which is when gardeners remove organic material known as thatch from their lawns to prevent the grass from becoming too clogged up as moss tends to grow in patches of grass not getting enough nutrients.

Joe said: “One of the most effective methods is scarification, where the cause of your moss is tackled by removing the surface thatch on which the moss is growing. Simple.

“And that’s not all because aeration also has a role to play in keeping moss away (I’m a poet and didn’t realise it).

“By punching holes through your grass/soil, you’re not only relieving compaction and allowing water and nutrients to pass into the root zone, you’re creating a drier top surface and that is how to discourage moss from growing.”

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