Spoilers: Mackenzie and Dean held hostage by PK’s violent thugs in Home and Away

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is furious in the aftermath of PK’s (Ryan Johnson) poker night, which resulted in the rich gambler luring her to his hotel for the night by claiming she owed all of the poker players money – and the only way to repay him for sorting it out was to sleep with him.

Now that she knows she was scammed, Mackenzie is ready to get revenge, and she and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) hatch a plan to both get Salt out of debt and take PK down. They will host another poker night, but instead of giving PK the winnings, Mackenzie will keep them and pay off Salt’s debts.

She holds an initial conversation with PK, saying she’s going to host another VIP poker night and he can have the buy-in takings. However, PK says he will be hosting the night and taking all of the money generated from the event. Mackenzie can’t stand his arrogance and orders him to leave Salt.

Later, as Mack and Felicity recalibrate their plan, Nathan (Ryan Panizza) appears and says he needs to speak to Mack. He says that she needs to do whatever PK wants, as she’s in danger – he’s controlling them all. However, Mackenzie doesn’t believe him – it’s clear he’s working with PK, and he needs to leave.

That night, when Mackenzie is closing Salt for the night with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) standing by, a couple of rough men barge in. Mistaking them for customers, Mack says they’re closed. However, the men quickly make it clear what they’re really here for, smashing up the restaurant, brandishing a knife and holding Mackenzie and Dean hostage…

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