What attracts wasps? The 5 things to help you deter wasps from your home or garden

Ross Kemp reveals he’s been stung by wasps in the nasal area

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Summer brings with it the dreaded wasp season. These flying pests can deliver painful stings and even cause serious breathing difficulties or severe swelling if you are allergic to their venom. If you have a swarm of wasps buzzing around your garden or home you’ll probably want to get rid of it quickly. Here are three ways to get rid of these pests.

In the UK, we are plagued by two types of wasp, common wasps called Vespula vulgaris and German wasps called Vespula germanica, but was is drawing them in?

What attracts wasps?

Ever found yourself getting more attention from wasps than others around you?

This could be because you are wearing brightly coloured clothes.

Wasps are particularly attracted to bright colours so in a bid to keep yourself wasp free it might be worth ditching that yellow t-shirt for your al-fresco lunch.

Much like us, wasps have a sweet tooth, they are drawn to any sugary drinks or treats.

This is an unfortunate fact when you are trying to tuck into a birthday cake outside.

If you do decide to eat anything sweet around wasps be sure to cover any leftovers.

As you sit down to a picnic in the park or fire up the BBQ in your garden you might be tempted to swat at these pests in an attempt to rid yourself of them.

Do not do this, if you squash a wasp this will release a chemical that alerts other wasps to attack.

You could end up being harassed by a swarm of wasps, so here are five things to safely deter or get rid of these pests.

Grow strongly scented plants

Wasps don’t like the smell of certain plants so will hopefully steer clear of your garden if you plant them.

Marigolds, fresh mint and tomato stems to us may smell glorious but wasps hate these smells.

If you don’t want these pungent plants in your garden you can add ground coffee and gloves around your garden in a bid to deter these pests.

Scattering peppermint oil around your garden can also help to stop wasps from swarming but be sure to re-scatter these oils after it rains.

Consider the colour of the plants in your garden

Wasps aren’t attracted to warm red colours so opt for red flowers to keep wasps at bay,

Blue, purple, white and yellow flowers are most attractive to wasps so avoid these where possible.

Closed and doubled-flowered plants such as roses could be neutral flowers to plant in your garden.

While these will provide you with a pop of colour they will be too hard to access so wasps won’t be overly attracted to them.

Burn citronella candles

There is a reason why citronella candles fly off the shelves over the summer.

These are great for keeping not only wasps away but all insects too much as pesky mozzies.

Turn off the lights

Many Brits leave an outside light on at night but this could be attracting wasps to your garden.

Be sure to close your windows at night at wasps will also be attracted to these lights.

Place sugar and water traps outside

If after all your best efforts to deter these pests they are still buzzing around you, sugar water traps may be your only hope.

Simply mix water and sugar together inside an open bottle.

The sugary mixture will prove irresistible to wasps, who will likely crawl inside, become trapped and die.

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