Wilting hydrangeas will ‘perk right up’ within an hour with simple technique

Hydrangeas are among the most popular plants because they yield an abundance of vibrant petals, which often fall victim to premature wilting.

Several hacks have been lauded for their ability to extend the life of the plants sustainably, but the jury is out on which one works best.

One remedy that has sparked newfound hope for hydrangea lovers involves boiling water and helps wilting plants spring back to life within an hour.

The hack was mentioned by a DIY and decor expert at Dans Le Lakehouse, whose frustration grew after noting how quickly their store-bought hydrangeas wilted.

“I didn’t realize that hydrangeas wilt pretty easily, so there were a lot of different hacks and suggestions out there,” they wrote.

“There was only one method that […] helped to revive my hydrangeas, so I thought I would share that will you today.”

The Hydrangeas release sap at the base of their stem which can slow the moisture rate, which is why they’re often the first flower to start looking sad in an arrangement. 

To overcome this challenge, the gardener proposed the following steps to anyone who wants to “watch their hydrangeas perk right up!”

  1. Boil a few cups of water (in a kettle or pot) and then let it cool a little. Cut the stems of the hydrangeas at an angle with a sharp knife
  2. Place the stems in the boiling water and let sit for an hour – watch the hydrangeas perk right up!
  3. Move the hydrangeas back to a vase of fresh water. Once per day, gently mist them to keep them fresh longer. 

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The purpose of this hack is to use the heat of the boiling water to dissolve any sap blockages at the base of the plant that are preventing water uptake. 

This ultimately helps the stems draw up water more effectively which encourages the hydration of the flowers’ cells. 

It’s important to note that how long it will take for hydrangeas to perk up depends on how far gone they are.  

They’re also one of few plants that can draw moisture in through their florets, which is why florists are often seen submerging the head of the plant in water.

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