12-year-old DJ has equipment seized after rave in school toilets

A 12-year-old schoolboy had his DJing equipment confiscated after teachers busted him hosting a rave for fellow colleagues in the school bathroom.

Cael Bell, from Manchester, held an impromptu rave in the school toilet at St Antony’s Catholic College, during the lunch break on December 11.

According to his mum, Louise Bell, the boy sent out a Snapchat invite to “all the boys from year 8”.

The rave included complimentary soft drinks and Cadbury Twirls as Cael showed off his turntable skills with a DJ set.

The party lasted a good 30 minutes before the party police arrived and broke it up.

According to the mum, Cael’s speakers and lights have been seized. However, she has decided she will not be punishing his son for putting on the event.

“I had to laugh,” she told The Mirror. “It has been a terrible year and I couldn’t be angry with my son for trying to spread some cheer. When I got the call, it made perfect sense.”

According to the mum, the boy had been up and ready for school earlier than usual that morning, and rearing to go, which she admitted wasn’t quite normal behaviour for him.

Just had a call from Caels school He had organised a rave in the boys toilets at dinner time invited all the boys from…

“He had the biggest smile on his face so I knew he had something up his sleeve. I asked him what he was so happy about and he told me they were having a rave in school. I thought nothing of it, I didn’t think for one minute there was any truth to it,” the mum added.

“But when I heard what Cael had done, from advertising the rave on Snapchat to actually pulling it off and even providing refreshments, I couldn’t help but see the funny side. Cael’s dad thought it was hysterical, he said ‘go on son’. We did have a conversation about whether or not we should be angry but how could we be?”

The mum posted about her son’s antics on Facebook and the post quickly went viral with many commenters deeming Cael a “legend”.

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