17 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Memes That Will Help You Laugh Through The Pain

It is hard to believe, but after eight years of pop culture-dominating fandom, Game of Thrones has officially come to an end. The high fantasy hit aired its final episode ever on Sunday night, and of course, it was an intensely emotional roller coaster for every fans. Thankfully, though, Game of Thrones fans are also experts at turning the show’s pivotal moments into comedy gold, and these Game of Thrones finale memes will have you cracking up whether you loved or hated the final episode.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Game of Thrones series finale, "The Iron Throne." The long-anticipated series finale finally showed diehard fans where each main character ended up after this long, war-torn saga. Surprisingly, the finale included only one major death, as Jon Snow makes the painful decision to kill Daenerys Targaryen during one last kiss with her, having seen her taste for destruction. Following that, Daenerys’ only surviving dragon Drogon incinerated the Iron Throne in his anger and flew off with Daenerys’ body.

Dany’s death led to a big decision for all of the remaining characters: who would become the new leader of Westeros? During a gathering of all the remaining leaders of the seven kingdoms, Samwell Tarly proposition of democracy is promptly shut down (as is the Starks’ entitled uncle Edmure Tully), but Tyrion Lannister is able to convince the whole council to elect Bran Stark as their new king. Tyrion’s speech about the importance of stories gets Bran the throne, but Sansa declares Winterfell to be its own separate kingdom with herself as the new Queen of the North.

The whole series ends by showing us where each of the Stark children end up: Bran takes the Iron Throne with Tyrion as his Hand, Sansa is crowned the Queen of the North in Winterfell, Arya sets off on a ship to discover what is west of Westeros, and Jon Snow is sentenced to live out the rest of his life at the Wall with the Night’s Watch as punishment for killing Daenerys. Thankfully, though, it is not all bad or Jon, as he is reunited with his direwolf Ghost and his buddy Tormund.

The finale episode was absolutely packed with big moments, and fans have already turned them into some hilarious memes. Check out some of the best Game of Thrones finale memes below:

Sadly, these memes came from the last ever livetweeting event centered on a new Game of Thrones episode. As popular as the show was on television, it became just as popular for fans on Twitter, as viewers would look forward to all the jokes and reactions online as much as the new episodes themselves.

We are not totally leaving the world of Westeros yet, though. HBO has already begun work on an upcoming Game of Thrones prequel series, and there are even options for several more spinoff series to come. Next Sunday, HBO will air a special behind-the-scene documentary on how the show’s final season was produced, which promises to be another emotional watch for fans.

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