£3.5million prize home which can be won in raffle is next to quarry

Don’t take it for granite: Omaze £3.5million prize home which can be won with a £10 ticket is next to 200-year-old stone merchant quarry

  • Ariel photos show the luxury house sits right next to a disused quarry
  • The £3.5 million home is up for grabs in a raffle with tickets costing £10 

A luxury house in the Cotswold’s, that is up for grabs in a raffle, has been revealed to sit next door to a disused quarry. 

The £3.5 million four-bedroom home in the Cotswold’s is listed as the grand prize in Omaze’s million pound house draw. 

The stylish modern home has its own heated outdoor swimming pool and is described as being set within ‘the best of the British countryside.’

In describing the property’s surroundings, the ad paints a picture of a ‘green and pleasant land, sandy stone walls, picturesque villages and historic landmarks.’

The prize draw listing, however, fails to mention that the ‘luxurious’ property’s next door neighbour is a disused stonemason’s quarry. 

The £3.5 million house is listed as the grand prize in Omaze’s raffle

The house is described as being in the ‘crown jewel of the Cotswolds’

The four-bedroom house has a rental value of £10,000 a month

The house has its own heated swimming pool

The advert fails to mention that the house sits next to a disused quarry

‘Set in the quintessential English countryside, this jewel is the crown of the Cotswolds is valued at an incredible £3,500,000,’ the Omaze listing says.

It explains the 4,087 square foot house is available to be won to those who purchase a £10 raffle ticket.

The house was originally a two-bedroom cottage, brought by a local builder for £600,000, before it was completely renovated and rebuilt in its current form in 2018. 

Winners will have the opportunity to move into the fully furnished property, and be given an extra £100,000 in cash. 

However, the glossy pictures on Omaze’s website fail to show the beautiful property sits just metres away from a quarry next door. 

The £3.5million property’s garden is separated from the quarry next door by little more than a line of trees. 

The decommissioned quarry is understood to date back to the 1800s. 

Any winner will receive a fully furnished house and £100,000 in cash

The property was originally a two-bedroom cottage before it was renovated in 2018

The property is separated from 200-year-old quarry next door by just a line of trees

Aside from the quarry, the property’s only other nearby neighbours are a wedding venue and an upmarket hair salon. 

One woman in the nearby salon told The Sun: ‘I think it’s quite a nice looking, stylish house but you’re getting a quarry next door. 

‘People should be aware of what they’re getting before they buy into it. Someone buying a ticket from the north east isn’t going to come down and have a look at it first.

‘It’s quite smart but it’s also quite isolated. Some people like that. You’ve got no neighbours except the quarry and a wedding venue.  

‘But I don’t think anyone will complain if they win a house just because there is an old quarry next door. You’re still getting a £3.5m house.’

The quarry is owned by local stonemason Pavestone UK Ltd. However, the facility has not been used for around 30 years. 

The home’s former owner said: ‘We never had any issues relating to the proximity of Pavestone, they were fantastic neighbours.

‘It’s such a peaceful spot, surrounded by beautiful countryside, you feel like you’ve escaped to another world when you’re there.

‘Whoever is lucky enough to win this house is going to absolutely love it,’ the former owner told the Sun. 

An Omaze spokesperson said: ‘The latest Omaze house in the Cotswolds is a stunning property that has been contextually designed to sit comfortably in the surrounding landscape. 

‘Built using local stone, it offers a combination of traditional Cotswold architecture, blended with striking contemporary elements that seamlessly link the past and the present.

‘The house has been very well received by the Omaze community – and Omaze expects the prize draw to raise a significant sum to support the vital work of its charity partner NSPCC.’ 

‘This is the second time the charity has teamed up with Omaze. The first partnership, in 2021, raised an incredible £1,000,000 which funded 33 days of round the clock Childline support and facilitated 23,000 counselling sessions.

‘The property does neighbour a small, decommissioned quarry that dates back to the 1800s. We understand that it was decommissioned around 30 years ago. Omaze was fully aware of this prior to purchase. 

The 4,087 square foot property comes fully furnished

The remote property sits in the middle of the British countryside

The house sits just metres from the quarry that dates back to the 1800s

‘The site is now occupied by Pavestone UK Ltd, no production takes place on site, it is simply a storage space for paving slabs. There are strict noise level and working hour restrictions put in place by Gloucestershire County Council.

‘As with all its properties, Omaze and its team of professional advisors conducted a thorough diligence exercise prior to purchase including all appropriate checks, surveys, inspections and reports to ensure that the neighbouring site would in no way impact the eventual winner’s enjoyment and experience of the property. 

‘As with all its prize draws, when Omaze has received any enquiries from its community regarding this house or the surrounding area, it has provided further details.

‘The Pavestone UK Ltd site does not omit any noise or other pollution which negatively affects the property in any way. 

‘The previous owner of the property – a highly regarded local developer who built the new house in compliance with all planning regulations and building controls in 2018 – lived on the site for over 12 years without ever experiencing any disturbances as a result of the decommissioned quarry. There has been a dwelling on the site for more than 60 years.

‘The Westington Quarry site has great historical significance to the region and is a celebrated part of the local community. The current occupier of the site, Pavestone UK Ltd are an important employer supporting jobs in the area.

‘Omaze is looking forward to announcing the winner of the Omaze Cotswolds III House along with the total amount raised for the NSPCC after the draw closes on June 27th.’

Pavestone UK Ltd was approached by MailOnline for comment.   

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