I told my best friend I didn't like her unflattering wedding dress

I told my best friend I didn’t like her unflattering wedding dress – people are saying I’m jealous and pathetic but she demanded my honest opinion

  • The unimpressed friend said the wedding dress looked like a ‘MET gala’ gown 
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A woman who criticised her best friend’s ‘unflattering’ wedding dress has hit out at peers who labelled her ‘jealous and pathetic’.

Earlier this month, the woman, from the Netherlands, shared her dilemma on Reddit.

She explained how her friend chose to wear a ‘poofy bright red dress’ for her beach wedding three months ago.

The woman wrote: ‘[It was the kind of dress] you’ll see celebrities wearing at the MET gala. 

‘It was very unique and she stood out beautifully, but in my opinion, the dress didn’t flatter her, nor the venue and I personally didn’t like it.’

The bride chose a statement red dress as a nod to her husband’s Indian culture – but ordered a frock online without trying it on first. Stock photo

That said, the anonymous friend decided to keep her opinion to herself – as she noted the bride had an ‘amazing confident aura’.

She continued: ‘I wasn’t gonna be the person to tell her that on her wedding day and ruin the night for her, so the rest of the day was very fun and I had an incredible time with her and all of our other friends.’ 

Last week, the newlywed arrived at her friend’s house to watch a movie and asked her what she ‘honestly’ thought of the dress. 

Following the wedding, the bride’s ‘traditional’ parents had admitted that they wished she had worn white on her big day. 

However, the bride – whose husband is Indian – decided to go for a red gown as it is tradition in her partner’s culture.

In a later post, she added: ‘[Her in-laws] really wanted her to wear a traditional Indian red gown, but she had always wanted to wear a white lace dress on her wedding day, then came an idea for her to wear a “western” wedding dress, but that the colour should be red.’

The friend went on to explain how she was unable to go shopping for a dress with the bride and she ended up ordering one online without trying it on. 

Feeling put on the spot, the friend continued: ‘Most respectfully, I told her that while I thought that the dress made her stand out amazingly and it was very unique, in my personal opinion, I wasn’t very fond of it and that it did not flatter her.’

The bride turned to her first for reassurance after her traditional parents said they wished she had worn a white gown

Afterwards, the bride stormed out of her house – and her husband later told the friend she had cried for hours afterwards.

She continued: ‘One of her best friends sent me a long message about how while he agrees with me, I didn’t have to tell her that because it isn’t our place and that I came across as jealous and pathetic.’ 

She then ended her post by asking if she was wrong to express her honest opinion  about the wedding dress.

The dilemma sparked fierce debate among users – with some arguing that she should haven’t said anything.

One replied: ‘She will never wear that dress again so there was no reason to make her unhappy about a unique experience.’ 

Another added: ‘Most “brutally honest” people are more interested in being brutal than honest.’

The dilemma sparked fierce debate among users – with some arguing that she should haven’t said anything

A third said: ‘A lot of people are gonna be like, “sHe AsKeD FOr HoNeSTY” but for f***s sake, that was your friend who was coming to you for some reassurance on her f***ing WEDDING DRESS.’

However, others thought the woman was right to express her honest opinion. 

‘She has unlocked a life lesson,’ one supporter said. ‘Don’t ask the question if you aren’t prepared to hear the answer.’

‘If someone tells me to be honest, I’m going to be honest,’ another said. ‘I think the friend cried so much because she knew in her heart that it wasn’t a flattering dress but it’s easier to blame [her friend] for being mean than acknowledge she didn’t make the best choice.’ 

In a follow-up post, the woman explained how she had patched things up with the bride and is happy she didn’t lie to her close friend.

She added: ‘I still think I should have worded it properly, but I’m glad I didn’t lie to her, as many of you suggested though -_- lying would’ve broken the trust she and I have for each other and I’m not comfortable with that.

‘ I’m so happy to say this, but she and her husband have decided to host a small wedding party with some close friends and family, where everything goes their way and where she can wear a dress she likes and take new photographs. I’m really excited for it!’

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