Ansley Burns: 5 Things To Know About The Adorable 12-Year-Old Singer On ‘AGT’

Ansley Burns may be tiny, but she’s got one heck of a voice. The singer takes the stage on the June 18 episode of ‘AGT’ to perform an Aretha Franklin classic.

Week 4 of America’s Got Talent auditions have arrived. Ansley Burns is one of the contestants hoping to wow the judges with her performance. The adorable 12-year-old graces the stage during the June 18 episode of AGT and things don’t go according to plan. However, her talent ultimately shines through. Keep your eye on this one. Ansley has a voice that will take her far in the competition.

1. Ansley’s audition takes a surprising turn. Ansley begins her audition by singing a powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” She starts out with a huge backing track and Simon Cowell stops the performance midway through. He calls the backing track “horrible” and says to Ansley, “We really like you but that was terrible.” He lets her sing the song again, this time a cappella, and she nails it. 

2. Carrie Underwood is a fan! A video of Ansley singing Carrie’s song “Cry Pretty” in the backseat of a car went viral in Sept. 2018. When Carrie saw the video, she raved over Ansley. “Ansley, this is amazing! Everybody keep your eyes out for this girl!” Carrie wrote on her Facebook page after reposting the video. 

3. She’s from a very small town. Ansley hails from Easley, South Carolina. The population is less than 22,000.

4. Her AGT audition has already gone viral. Since her audition video was posted on June 16, the performance has over 7 million views and counting.

5. She’s in the chorus at her school.  During her introduction video, Ansley revealed that she sings a lot for her school. “I would love to sing for the rest of my life,” Ansley said. She also admitted that when she was little she would “sing and pretend I was on America’s Got Talent.” Now her dream is coming true.

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