Ben & Jerry’s release board game to celebrate new ‘Cookie Dough Twists’ range

As Brits anxiously await the next predicted heatwave, everyone is scrambling for ideas on what to do with the kids and how best to possibly keep cool.

Sun and ice cream are pretty commonplace, but add in a fun board game and you’ve almost completed summer.

Renowned ice cream manufacturer's Ben & Jerry's has just unveiled its new twist on games night with a limited-edition board game, Twisted Merry Dough Round.

You might have been told not to play with your food, but now Ben & Jerry’s are positively encouraging it. The Twisted Merry Dough Round is the perfect party game for ice cream fanatics and cookie dough lovers alike.

The limited-edition game includes a spoony spinner, challenge cards and all the tasty tools to get creative with your chunks and swirls, to find out your flavour fate.

The Twisted Merry Dough Round was dreamed up to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s new 'Cookie Dough Twists' which come in two mouth-watering flavours, Rain-dough Cookie Dough Twist and Dough-ble Chocolate Cookie Dough Twist.

Both flavours can be found at Ocado (£4.50), Tesco, (£4.50) as well as the frozen aisles in other supermarkets including ASDA (£3).

For a limited time, Twisted Merry Dough Round games will be available via this registration link, completely free of charge from today (August 11) until midnight on August 23.

Lucky recipients will receive the game in its entirety, along with two Cookie Dough Twists tubs and two Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chunks to play with – how good is that?

Priscille Moussy, Flavour Guru at Ben & Jerry’s said: “We often say at Ben & Jerry’s, if it’s not fun – why do it? Which perfectly sums up the existence of our Cookie Dough Twists – a modern re-imagining of a fan favourite flavour – and a ride for your taste buds.

Being the intrepid experimenters that we are, we wanted to know: is it possible to dough-ble your fun? And so, the Twisted Merry Dough Round was born – all you need is a few tubs and a few friends ready to spin it, spoon it, stab it and slurp it.”

How to play the game:

  • Players take a spin on the board to reveal which euphoric Ben & Jerry’s flavour they’ll be tucking into, plus the tool they’ll need to complete their challenge
  • The challenge cards will test ice cream lover’s chunky credentials with a series of tasks including frozen tongue twisters, sculpture building and dough juggling
  • The champion will be the player with the most completed challenges when the cards (or the ice cream) run out.

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