‘Boys wouldn’t be seen dead with me – I got a £30,000 makeover’

A woman who was teased over her looks in high school has gotten the ultimate revenge on her bullies after getting a complete beauty makeover which now earns her up to $100,000 (£80,000) a month.

Lola Tessa is a 24-year-old adult internet star who has said she dropped out of high school without graduating at 16 due to the abuse she faced as a teenager.

She described her teenage self as a “high school loner” who was bullied by popular girls due to having a “prominent jawline, bad teeth, and a lisp”.

In an interview with JamPrime, Lola said: “At high school, I was like a pariah. I got no male attention at all – now I have lots. I guess that could be a good thing, it’s very validating for sure.

“I had a really broad, square face, screwed-up teeth and a lisp so the popular girls would bully me a lot.

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However, Lola was determined to become successful in life, and for years she worked various jobs such as waitressing and hairstyling before deciding to become a webcam model when she was 19 years old.

She immediately found success and began feeling much more confident after earning more than $1,000 (£785) a week. ‘

Lola decided to use the money to get a complete makeover because she wanted a “more typical face of a more popular girl, and now I have one.” She paid for Botox, fillers as well as dental veneers, and a boob job which totalled $30,000 (£23,545).

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She said: “Now I look like a popular girl – I still have the same personality and I have much more confidence and am more secure with myself.

“I think being pretty is very validating for me. I want that moment at the high school reunion when I walk in and everyone does a double take.”

While Lola once struggled to get a date, she now receives lots of attention from men to the point she feels she may have “bitten off more than [she] can chew.”

Lola said: “It’s lovely to be where I am now. Whenever I go to parties I have at least three guys approach me. People come up to me on the street, are sliding into DMs on Instagram and compliment me everywhere I go.

“It’s nothing like when I was in high school. I’ve come a very long way from when boys wouldn’t be seen dead with me.”

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