Bride Celebrates Beach Wedding with 34 Bridesmaids: 'I Felt So Loved'

Casme Carter’s got a girl squad to rival that of Taylor Swift!

The New Orleans performer tied the knot in a romantic beachfront wedding in June after managing to recruit 34 of her closest friends to celebrate her big day as bridesmaids.

Carter, 38, told Today that the ladies ranged in age from 21 to 50, and that she met many of the women over the years through work.

“I traveled for 18 years as a singer and made incredible friends along the way. I felt so loved and blessed to have them by my side,” she said. “My girls from Atlanta are now talking to my girls from Nashville on social media and it makes me so happy.”

Carter married her husband Gary on June 2 in Destin, Florida, with the “I dos” taking place at 5 a.m. in order to include the breathtaking backdrop of the sunrise.

The day before, she celebrated with a special photo shoot in which she wore a white swimsuit and veil. Naturally, her troupe backed her up in suits of their own.

Despite the large number of bridesmaids, Carter said she would have happily included more had time allowed it.

“If I would have had more time to plan I would have had 50!” she told Today.

To keep the stress of her big day to a minimum, Carter told her dozens of bridesmaids they could choose their own neutral ensembles, or, if they wanted to, buy a $25 dress she’d found online.

“I wanted to keep it simple and affordable. I told them not to give me gifts and that them being there for me was the best present I could receive,” she said.

Six of the women were Carter’s sisters, while 28 were friends, according to CNN.

“I wanted them all to experience the love that they’ve seen that I’ve been praying for and wanting,” she told the outlet. “I wanted them to witness it first hand.”

Because Gary only had 12 groomsmen to accompany Carter’s bridesmaids down the aisle, the remaining ladies treated their solo walk like a fashion show runway, making their way down as an acoustic guitar and saxophone played, she told Today.

Carter told Essence that she and Gary planned the wedding in just three months, and had a very special reason for making it so early in the morning.

“Gary and I have been celibate this whole journey,” she said. “So I thought, ‘Let’s do the wedding early before the heavens and the earth, then go get it on, and come back later for the sunset reception.'”

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