Couple added £25,000 to the value of their home with DIY renovations

Couple who spent £7,000 renovating their three-bedroom home reveal they’ve added £25,000 to the value – and scored freebies worth hundreds after sharing snaps of the DIY project on Instagram

  • Laura Piner, 25, and partner Adam, 26, bought house in Lancashire for £175,000
  • Couple spent a year renovating the property themselves with a £7,000 budget
  • Project added £25,000 value to home and earned 18,000 Instagram followers

A couple who wanted to give their new home a personal touch have added £25,000 to the value of the property after transforming it within a year – and they spent just £7,000 by doing the work themselves.

Recruiter Laura Piner, 25, and her partner, Adam, 26, a highways inspector, purchased their three-bedroom home in Preston, Lancashire in February last year for £175,000.    

Soon after moving in, they got to work making the place neutral and modern. 

‘We turned our first home into the grey abode I had always dreamed of,’ Laura said.  

‘We painted each and every single wall magnolia because we preferred the simple look and wanted to start with a blank canvas.’

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Laura Piner, 25, and her partner, Adam, 26, have added £25,000 to the value of their three-bedroom home in Preston, Lancashire, by renovating the property themselves on a £7,000 budget. Pictured: The kitchen after the pair installed glossy worktops, grey shaker-style cabinets and grey oak laminate flooring, before installing a washing machine and blinds on the windows, costing £890 for the materials.

Laura said they began making their £175,000 property neutral and modern soon after moving in, in February last year. Pictured: The kitchen before flooring was installed 

Laura explained that they painted every wall magnolia because they prefer a simple look and wanted a blank canvas. Pictured left: The living room during, right: after

Laura, who is a recruiter, revealed that she had always dreamed of having a grey abode, while adding the property is her first home with partner Adam, a highways inspector (pictured both) 

‘With a crushed velvet corner sofa and silver furnishings, the rooms were better than I ever imagined.’ 

The couple who have a three-month-old cockapoo Marley, began by revamping the garden.  

They purchased grey sandstone flagstones, materials and turf from a local farm shop and furniture from Laura Ashley at Next, costing a total of £1,500.

With the help of a friend, Laura and Adam managed to transform their garden in just two days.

They then moved onto the kitchen, where the pair installed glossy worktops, grey shaker-style cabinets and grey oak laminate flooring, before installing a washing machine and blinds on the windows, costing £890 for the materials.

The couple used lockdown as an opportunity to focus on their home transformation, which involved continuing their grey theme in the bathroom. Pictured: Bathroom before

The bathroom now (pictured) has a welcoming feel with the addition of grey and silver accessories after spending just £500 on the room 

Laura and Adam, who began the renovation outside, revealed it took just two days to overhaul their garden with help from a friend. They purchased grey sandstone flagstones, materials and turf from a local farm shop and furniture from Laura Ashley at Next, costing a total of £1,500


Garden – £1,500

Kitchen – £890

Living room – £2,000

Two bedrooms – £615

Master bedroom – £1,350

Bathroom – £500

En-suite bathroom – £145

TOTAL COST: £7,000 

Laura’s father, who is a fitter by trade, helped – saving them a large portion of the cost.

Next, in the living room, Laura added a grey corner sofa and a crushed velvet chair to fit the home’s modern look.

They also installed a 55-inch television and floating IKEA TV unit, fitting Amazon lights underneath the panelling to light the space at night, costing them a total of £2,000.

Finally, in the master bedroom, they added a grey headboard to their new bed and lighting to create a statement piece, spending around £1350.

In the other two bedrooms, they put down new grey carpets, painted the walls and bought new furniture costing £615.

Laura replaced the flooring, installed a new shower and painted the walls in the bathroom, costing £500.

And for the master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom, they painted the walls and installed an electric shower costing £145.

The couple spent £7,000 on their home renovation – and they couldn’t be more pleased with the final result.

They are especially delighted that value of the property has increased to £200,000 after their renovation – £25,000 more than what they purchased their home for.

The couple transformed the master bedroom (pictured) by investing in a grey headboard and statement lighting for a total spend of £1,350 

Laura and Adam spent £145 on their en-suite bathroom, adding an electric shower and painted walls. Pictured left: En-suite during, right: En-suite after 

The pair decided to start their renovation in the garden because they have a three-month-old cockapoo Marley (pictured), who even has his own personalised dog bed to match the grey and velvet theme throughout the house 

Laura said a local estate agent came to value the property after they completed the renovation and estimated they could sell for £200,000. Pictured: The landing after renovations

Laura said: ‘A local estate agent recently came to our house to value the property, and to our surprise, they estimated our home to sell £200,000 – a substantial increase within one year if we decide to sell in the future.

‘Our home is exactly how I envisioned it to be and I am pleased with the overall look out of our three-bedroom house, I can honestly say there is nothing I would change.

‘Lockdown was a blessing for us being able to spend the time we never would have usually had to focus on making our house a home.’

Laura said there’s nothing she would change about their transformed three-bedroom house, because it’s ‘exactly’ as she envisioned. Pictured: The dressing room, complete with mirrored accessories, and a lit mirror, perfect for make-up sessions

Laura now boasts over 18,000 followers on her Instagram account dedicated to posts about their home renovation. Her dressing room has a minimalist look with crushed velvet accessories, and a crucial ring light for Instagram snaps 

Laura was able to rack up over 18,000 followers on her Instagram account @house_to_our_home, which also helped her to receive some items for the renovation as gifts or at a discounted rate.

Laura said: ‘We were also kindly gifted wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper for the dressing room.

‘We were sent light fittings for our lounge and master bedroom which helped budget our renovation.

‘Instagram opens doors to plenty of opportunity with brands wanting you to showcase their products.’

Laura said Instagram has helped them to budget the renovation because lots of brands want an opportunity to showcase their products. Continuing the theme from the rest of the house, the dining areas has grey chairs, a silver clock and a statement lighting piece that takes pride of place on the table 

Crushed velvet sofas, coffee table fashion books, a fur throw and mirrored accessories such as a tray and candle holder alongside a framed black and white portait of a lion combine to create a plush feel in the living room 

Laura added that she enjoys sharing tips with others although her home renovation is complete. Pictured: En-suite after renovation, complete with a white flower decoration and framed fashion portrait 

Now the renovation is complete but Laura still loves sharing tips with others on her page.

Laura added: ‘My advice to others renovating and making your house a home.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, take your time and plan your budget carefully!

‘Patience is key, not everything will go right straight away.’ 

Laura advises others to budget carefully when overhauling their home and to remember patience is key. Pictured left: Garden during, right: after 

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