Doctor claims ‘fundamental’ product helps reverse wrinkles – ‘best investment’

Dr. Oz shares tips to fight wrinkles with moisturiser in 2016

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Dr Mehmet Oz is a retired surgeon turned presenter. He spoke to Today about how women can look younger with just a few simple skincare practices.

The doctor started off by explaining that the skin has a nice, bouncy feel because of its elasticity and collagen.

However, as your collagen becomes “not well taken care of” due to sun damage and inevitable ageing, the skin begins to dimple.

Dr Oz provided his top – not to mention “inexpensive” tips for building the skin’s collagen back up.

He said that these steps can even make the skin “better than it was before”.

The expert revealed that wrinkles can be reversed, however he added a warning about anti-ageing.

According to Dr Oz, it is more important to look good for your age than try to look “20 when you’re 60”.

So how can women go about looking their best? Investing in a good moisturiser is the “foundation” of looking good at any age.

He stated: “It’s step number one for a bunch of reasons. It lubricates the skin in a way that’s useful.

“Most people I think know that but they don’t appreciate how fundamentally critical it is.”

He recommended buying a moisturiser that is more like a lotion than an ointment, so a little thicker.

A moisturiser with SPF is even better, with Dr Oz suggesting a minimum of SPF 15.

However, SPF 30 is better for its even stronger sun protection and skin preservation benefits.

The expert revealed that a good moisturiser was “one of the best presents” he ever receives.

It can be applied in the morning, but the doctor uses his twice a day.

But just because moisturiser can provide the luxury benefit of youth, it does not have to come at a huge cost.

The Dr shared that “inexpensive” drug store moisturisers can work just as well as their lavish counterparts – and it’s “the best investment you can ever make”.

His second tip for reversing the signs of ageing was to use a retinol – Vitamin A – once or twice a week.

He recommended that women apply this at night as the sun can denature it.

Finally, Dr Oz stated: “Exfoliation is critical for a bunch of reasons.

“All of the things I’m talking about change collagen levels.”

This could also be done once or twice a week, making sure not to overdo it so it does not irritate the skin.

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